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Shiva OM Pendant with Adiyogi Photo

Shiva OM Pendant with Adiyogi Photo

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4K Photo Inside

Photo Projection

3 Months Warranty

Water Resistance

Made in India

No Color Fade

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🕉️ Keep Shiva close to your heart.

Wearing the Shiva Photo Locket Necklace allows you to carry the benevolent presence of Lord Shiva close to your heart. It's a personal shrine, a constant reminder of his wisdom, compassion, and boundless grace.

10 Benefits of the Shiva OM Pendant

🕉️ Protection

The pendant acts as a shield against negative energies, creating a protective aura around you, allowing you to move through life with a sense of security.

🕉️ Spiritual Connection:

The Hidden photo of Lord Shiva within the pendant fosters a deep spiritual connection, reminding you of his guidance and wisdom.

🕉️ Positive Vibes:

The integrated "Om" symbol resonates with universal positivity, infusing your energy field with uplifting vibrations.

🕉️ Inner Strength:

By wearing the pendant, you carry the essence of Lord Shiva's strength and resilience, empowering you to face challenges with determination

🕉️ Daily Remembrance:

The necklace serves as a daily reminder of your spiritual path, helping you stay focused on personal growth and self-awareness

🕉️ Mindful Presence:

Wearing the pendant encourages mindfulness, grounding you in the present moment and fostering a sense of calm amidst life's chaos

🕉️ Energetic Purification:

The combined power of Lord Shiva's energy and the "Om" vibration purifies your aura, creating an environment that repels negativity.

🕉️ Symbolic Expression:

The necklace allows you to outwardly express your devotion and connection to Lord Shiva, making a statement about your spiritual journey.

🕉️ Personal Sanctuary:

The pendant creates a sacred space within yourself, offering solace and tranquility whenever you wear it.

🕉️ Meaningful Gift:

Whether for yourself or a loved one, the necklace is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that conveys protection, positivity, and spiritual significance.


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Basic Jewellery Care

  • Do not scratch or Expose the image area to chemicals.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space.
  • Avoid damaging chemicals.
  • Use mild cleaners for regular cleanings
  • Don’t wear while bathing with soap’s and body wash ( as they have harsh chemicals)

PS: If the image is Getting blurry, clean it with soft microfiber cloth or earbuds to remove the dust particles.

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    Niketa kumari
    Very Nice product

    Very nice product

    Good product catch ur eyes in first view 😍

    Good product

    Devil Dev



    I love it

    Amazing OM pendant

    Awesome product. That photo in locket I just looking wow,I love very much ..thank you for this wonderful jewelry.